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International Graphic Design!

As an American living in Regensburg, Germany - my creativity is daily inspired by this magnificent medieval city. I bring this fresh creativity and inspiration to every project I do for you!

I deliver the things you expect from any designer; creativity, quality, clear communication, meeting deadlines and a pleasant work interaction. In addition to these priorities, I bring inspiration drawn from my

surroundings and a sense of adventure. I look forward to putting all these qualities to work for you to meet the needs of your next project!

It is very exciting to realize that distance and location are no longer relevant. Thanks to email and Skype, I can communicate with someone across an ocean as easily as someone in the next town. I look forward to working with you - wherever you may be!

Optical Jump Design

Optical Jump Design is the freelance graphic design business of Karla Mason, founded in 2007. Karla is an award-winning graphic designer with a passion for creating clean, fresh design work that meets your needs. Graphic design literally creates the visual landscape of our daily lives. Good design can teach, communicate and bring beauty into every day. Take a look at the portfolio page and if you have any questions, please contact Karla via email or Skype.